Learning To Love Your Child With Down Syndrome?!

So I came across a memoir a mother wrote about how she LEARNED to love her child who has DS.  She had to learn to love her child who was born with DS?!  While I guess this is supposed to be inspirational to other parents with special needs children, all it did was piss me off!  Her child, like mine, didn’t do anything to deserve this life sentence.  Sure, as a parent of a special needs child I, along with my son, am going to face many challenges.  It will most definitely be an uphill climb.  Lovey, however, is the one who will face the majority of these challenges, and all because this was the life he was given, not the one he asked for.  I will just be along for the ride, encouraging him, being his biggest supporter and cheerleader.   Although his diagnosis at birth was a shock, my love for him never waivered, never once did I have to LEARN to love my son.  I loved him while he was in the womb and my love has only gotten stronger now that he is here in the flesh, extra chromosome and all!  


The What Ifs

I’m the mother of a child with Down Syndrome, DS to save time.  My lovey, as I refer to him often, just turned 3 months old.  We didn’t know he had DS until seconds after he was born.  I say seconds because as soon as they placed lovey on my chest, I knew!  More on that another time.  They say a baby changes everything.  Well for me, having one with special needs changed my  perspective on life.  I had a selfish tendency, mostly thought of my wants and needs first.  Hey, I plan to be totally honest and want to come from a place of only truth on here.   My decisions were based on how it affected me.  Yeah I know, I sound like a real prize, don’t I? 🙂    Now, however, 40 long years later, lovey comes first.  He may only be 3 months old, but I’ve already started wondering/worrying about his future:  will he go to private school or public school?  Will he be in class with typical kids (I don’t use the word normal, hate that word!) or will he be with other special needs children?  Will I have to kick some arss because he is getting picked on/bullied?  Who will take care of him when his father and I are no longer around?   What can I do to help him thrive?   Right now because he is like any other baby I want to treat him as such, but it’s hard not to worry.   It’s actually a time consuming thing, to worry about him, to think about the “what ifs”.  Wow, a change has occurred.  Lovey takes precedence, HIS well being comes first…..who’d a thunk it?  🙂   

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