it doesn’t define him

tears, tears, and more tears right now.  i just had a light bulb moment, thanks to a facebook friend I just met YESTERDAY.  she and her husband are looking to adopt a second child.  she, like me, is a mother to a child who has down syndrome (DS).  she posted a letter she submitted to an adoption agency in the hopes of being selected as the adoptive parents.  in  the letter she describes her family, including her daughter.  as I read through the letter, I kept waiting for her to mention her daughter having DS.  she never did!  it was such a revelation to me, that she didn’t even feel this diagnosis was worth mentioning, like it didn’t matter, that it doesn’t define her child.  over the last three months, I have been consumed with greyson’s diagnosis, I have let it define him on every level.  I would tell complete strangers that he had DS, like I had to explain his features, like i had to tell them before they had a chance to ask, like it was their business…..again, defining him by his DS.   ugh, I just want to kick my own a**.   it will take time, it won’t happen overnight, but I vow to treat greyson’s DS like it doesn’t matter, that DS is just a small part of him, that it, well doesn’t define him. 


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