In case you wondered…..


yesterday we shared the exciting news that greyson will be a big brother in just six months, making them just 13 months apart.  in case you wondered, yes, this was a planned pregnancy.  as a matter of fact, i was trying for irish twins!  when I was pregnant with greyson, before we knew about his DS diagnosis, we discussed having a second child and soon after due to my age.  once greyson was born and we learned that he had DS the discussion of having another child took place again.  we discussed the pros and cons.  obviously the pros won out because we decided to try again.  I, however, gave the hubby only three months to work his magic, ensuring a summer baby.   I LOVE, ok, am slightly obsessed with summer babies.   all three of my kiddos (OMG, 3 kiddos?!) will have summer birthdays. 🙂   we conceived on our third month of trying.  in case you wondered, yes I have fears that this child with have DS as well.  chances increase by 1% of having another child with DS.  the doctors wanted me to pursue genetic counseling, which I declined.  they really push for amniocentesis, which can cause miscarriage.   as would have been the case with greyson had we known he had DS ahead of time, knowing isn’t going to change our decision.  sidenote:  since the birth of greyson, science/medicine has come a long way.  if you do the math, that’s just seven months!   there is a new, non invasive blood test that detects trisomy 13, 18, and 21 with a 99% accuracy.  no more amniocentesis required!   I took this blood test last wednesday and we will have the results around monday of next week.  we will also know the gender!  in case you wondered why I took the DNA test if it isn’t going to change the outcome, our decision to continue with the pregnancy, simply because greyson’s BIRTH day, a day that was supposed to be the happiest of days, was actually one of the saddest.  I feel guilty about that!  in case you wondered, yes, I worry that having a second child/baby will take away from greyson and the love, help, and attention that he needs.  having said that though, I think having a sibling close in age will be good for him as well.  he will have someone to emulate, learn from….and play with as only siblings can.  in case you wondered, yes, I am crazy for having two young’uns at the ripe OLD age of 41 🙂 


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