The word of the day: LUCKY


My Greyson James is almost nine months old!  I feel like I’ve gone through every emotion possible during that time, and I probably have.  Do you know what emotion I feel right now?  Happiness!   I can’t expIain it, or maybe I can.  Yesterday for example, I was so tired, having been up since 4 a.m. yet my tiredness was SOMEWHAT overshadowed by my sweet baby G.  As soon as his daddy brought him in the door from his doctor’s appointment, he had me laughing HARD.   He was making these faces that I’ve never seen before.  Then I would say something sweet to him and he would blow raspberries at me, as though saying “whatever lady.”  His moments were spot on! 🙂   I have such an overwhelming love for that boy!  This may or may not make sense or you may or may not agree with my wording/feelings, but I feel like I love him more because of his Ds, not in spite of it.   I was telling my mom these things just today at lunch and she said she sees it, the joy and happiness I apparently exude whenever I am near my boy.  🙂  I liked knowing that others see how much my son means to me, how much positivity he has brought into my life.

I feel like we have been pretty lucky during our Ds journey.  Yes, lucky!  Greyson has been very fortunate to not have certain ailments/issues/diagnoses that are associated with Ds.  I don’t make light of his heart surgery, but to me, that’s a thing of the past.  We have moved on from that, it won’t follow us/him through life.  Yes, we will have yearly check ups, but that’s just a precaution, just a check that the ole ticker is working as it should.  Every time we’ve seen a specialist, I would get nervous leading up to the appointment.  LUCKILY, it’s all been for naught.  He comes away with a clean bill of health.  I joined several Ds FB groups and I see what other parents/children are enduring….and I feel LUCKY.  Ds children are usually born prematurely, which means they spend time in the NICU.  Greyson came a little early, but that’s due to me having low amnio fluid.  We will chalk that up to my hate hate relationship of water.  He also didn’t spend ANY time in NICU after birth.  Ds children usually have issues with eating, which require feeding tubes and such.  Greyson did not.  Sure, we had a latch issue those first two days, but no other feeding method was ever required and once we/he figured it out, he ate like a champ.  Have you see that kid’s arms and thighs?!  It’s safe to say, feeding has NEVER been an issue. 🙂   Sure, we aren’t out of the woods yet, there are many more things we have yet to experience/could go through, but that is the case for any parent, any child.  I just honestly feel that good things are in store for G.  Now before I come across as though everything is and will always be sunshine and rainbows, I know there are trying days to come.  Will there be future posts when I’m not feeling so LUCKY like if and when G isn’t crawling or walking as a typical child his age is, will I be upset/down?  Of course.  Today, however, today I am just focusing on the here and now, the good news that seems to keep coming our/his way.  Today I feel LUCKY!!! 🙂     


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