what a difference 361 days make

as my son’s first birthday is fast approaching, i realized i never posted the “greyson’s birth” album.  i recently came across the album on our home computer when it hit me, i’d never shown the world the first day of my precious lovey’s life.  i’ve posted everything before and after that he has been associated with, but not the actual birth.  i feel such guilt about that.  did i not post them because i was still sorting through my feelings MONTHS after he was born?  did i not post them because the sadness in my eyes is obvious in some of them?  did i not post them because the day that started out so promising and happy ended in tears, despair, and heartbreak…..and the proof is in the pics?   here we are 361 days later and rest assured, the album will be posted ASAP :).  i want the world, well those that read this, to know that greyson is one of the very best things that has ever happened to me.  i want others to know that yes, while the sadness probably outweighed the joy on my son’s first day on earth, that the exact opposite holds true today, almost one year later.  i want others to know that we have come a long way emotionally since july 21st, 2013 and that wow, what a difference 361 days make 🙂  


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