I’ve become THAT mom :)

I’ve become THAT mom and I have the car decal, t-shirts, and will eventually have the tattoo and license plate to prove it. I’ve become THAT mom, the mom who wants the world to know that yes, my son has Down syndrome so if I’m out and about wearing my t-shirt and/or with Greyson James and you have questions, ask away. I welcome the chance to spread awareness, better yet acceptance. I welcome the world to see Greyson for who he really is, not for what he has: the little boy full of smiles and laughs, the little boy who really does make a bad day good. Although having Down syndrome doesn’t define him, I’m okay with him being the poster child for it. I really think he could change minds, change the perception….and that’s my goal. Yep, I’ve become THAT mom! 🙂


About greysonandgavinsma

hi. I am the mother of 3 sons, nathan, who is 21 years old, greyson, who is two years old, and gavin, who just turned one. we had a surprise diagnosis of down syndrome at birth with my two year old. this blog is our journey as we navigate the unknown. this blog is like my diary, where I will share my feelings and will keep it as "real" as possible, not holding back, saying exactly what I feel when I feel it. I am hoping my blog will help other parents of special needs children through this journey that we are on.....but it's mostly to help me deal with my emotions, at least right now.

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