any suggestions?

when I first started adventures with greyson there was only greyson, little brother gavin wasn’t in the works yet :). having a blog that is dedicated to greyson seems unfair to his little brother. I don’t want gavin to ever feel second best in our household. gavin is just as important to our family as greyson is. when we decided to have another child my thought process was it will be good for greyson. he will have someone to follow, learn from. his sibling will also have this back should the need arise. while I still hope for that, it isn’t gavin’s purpose in life nor his responsibility. if he chooses to be a “big” brother, great! if not, that’s ok too. my only real hope is that they are very close as brothers, thick as thieves as the saying goes. I hope there are many adventures with greyson and gavin, with and without me! 🙂 adventures with greyson’s name will soon be changing, as soon as I can think of something cute and clever that incorporates both kiddos and that wordpress accepts. Any suggestions?165


About greysonandgavinsma

hi. I am the mother of 3 sons, nathan, who is 21 years old, greyson, who is two years old, and gavin, who just turned one. we had a surprise diagnosis of down syndrome at birth with my two year old. this blog is our journey as we navigate the unknown. this blog is like my diary, where I will share my feelings and will keep it as "real" as possible, not holding back, saying exactly what I feel when I feel it. I am hoping my blog will help other parents of special needs children through this journey that we are on.....but it's mostly to help me deal with my emotions, at least right now.

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