it happens and happens often, greyson james prefers daddy to me, mommy, the one who carried him for 9 LONG months and pushed his big head out of my little vagina (insert jokes if you must). daddy walks in the room and it’s as though his savior has walked in, he gets the biggest damn smile on his face. sure, greyson james lights up when I take him out of his crib, but that’s just because I have rescued him from his mini prison. sure, he reaches for me when I take him out of his exersaucer, but that’s just because I rescued him from that confinement as well….or maybe he thinks he is about to get fed :). if daddy and I reach for him, he goes to daddy, the almighty, wonderful daddy. would I prefer him to shun his dad, flip him the bird? wellllll….ok, I kid. I now know what the saying chopped liver means and feels like though, lol. all kidding aside, well mostly kidding anyway, I do think it’s wonderful that greyson has such a great daddy and that greyson realizes it too…..but damn, could I get a little of that bright smile WHILE daddy is in the room too?! jeesh! daddy tries to make excuses for being the preferred one, why greyson doesn’t reach for me when daddy is holding him (he’s tired, he’s blah blah blah) and while I appreciate the effort, I also know deep down he is smiling smugly. jerk 🙂



About greysonandgavinsma

hi. I am the mother of 3 sons, nathan, who is 21 years old, greyson, who is two years old, and gavin, who just turned one. we had a surprise diagnosis of down syndrome at birth with my two year old. this blog is our journey as we navigate the unknown. this blog is like my diary, where I will share my feelings and will keep it as "real" as possible, not holding back, saying exactly what I feel when I feel it. I am hoping my blog will help other parents of special needs children through this journey that we are on.....but it's mostly to help me deal with my emotions, at least right now.

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