Reminder: There’s TWO little ones in the house

I originally named this blog, Adventures with Greyson. well because there wasn’t a Gavin yet :).   Then after Gavin was born, I decided to change the name to include him as well.  I did this for several reasons:  one, to show we have a life outside of Greyson’s diagnosis and two, Gavin is just as important to our family, to this blog as Greyson.  Since Greyson has been with us, his future, and the uncertainty, has consumed me.  I’ve shared these concerns many times so no need to bore you with them yet again.  A fear I’ve had about Gavin, however, is him being pushed to the side, that his brother’s needs would take precedence…..and i feel it has :(.  Greyson is a needier child, jealous of his brother and any attention he may get.  To be clear, Greyson is still a wonderful little boy :), he’s just doing what every two year old does…..wants to be the center of attention :).  I’ve noticed myself gravitating towards Greyson more because he is the one who cries for me first, reaches for me first, or, in general, just wants/needs more attention than Gavin.  Looking back, I feel this isn’t fair to Gavin, that he is getting short changed just because he is a more even tempered, happy go lucky kid and is content to be “in the background.”  How do other parents handle this?  How do they divide their time with two differently tempered kids?  Starting today, I am going to alternate who i go to first.  It may not seem like much, but I want both boys to feel they come first, just every other day lol.

I want to spend the remainder of this blog telling you about my wonderful Gavin Jensen.  Gavin is the cutest darn kid. He is a sweet little boy who, even at 4:30am lying in our bed, can still make us laugh.  He is full of big, toothy smiles.  His laugh is infectious.  I mean did you see that video of him laughing?!  ADORBS!!  His demeanor really is “chill”.   His brother could hit him on the head with whatever object he has in hand, yet Gavin still watches him with a smile on his face.  (later though, not during the hitting ;)).  He still follows his big bro around the house.   In case you wondered :), I love both of my Gs equally and BOTH of them make our home complete!  cute model

but since this blog is about Gavin, can i just say again how freakin’ adorable he is?  🙂


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