Dear Perfect Parent,

I thought about leaving this blank because no one should have clicked on the link with a title like that…..because there is no such thing as the perfect parent.  Parents, let’s worry about our own parenting skills before judging strangers for theirs. After the accidental, tragic death of a child, I notice how others feel free to judge the parents, blaming them for the accident.  The most recent story was the little boy who died while getting his head stuck at the revolving restaurant.  Holy shitola, the comments were horrible.  “Where were the parents?”  “This is the neglectful parents fault, but I bet they will sue the restaurant” and so it went.  As a parent to two non listening toddlers, I don’t judge them or the parents who forgot their child was in the car due to a change in routine.  I will NEVER say these things will never happen to me because as observant/watchful as I am, my boys make it their life’s mission to test their limits….and my patience :).   I know my own limitations and as much as I keep an eye on my kids, one is always running away from me at a park (Just three days ago while at an elementary school playground, Gavin ran off the playground and ran towards an open field.  I yelled for him to stop and come back but he just kept going. By the time I scooped up Greyson and chased after Gavin, Gavin wasn’t around the side of the building like I expected.  I screamed his name in a panic filled voice and ran around another corner where thankfully he was, trying to open a school door.), running out the unlatched front door (There have been times I thought I had locked the latch to the screen door, but had not.  One of those times, Greyson, the worst culprit of running away, got out the front door and THANK GOD was just sitting in the stroller outside by the front door.  OMG, I cried thinking about what could have happened), or running towards the street when trying to put them in the car.  I’ve been lucky because right now I am faster than they are.   Because I know their tendencies, I try to be more diligent, more careful, but I’ve made mistakes.  Do you know why?  Because I am not perfect….. and nor are you so let’s judge less and sympathize/empathize more.


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