A real eye opener, I just wish my eyes were closed

IMG_6308From the very beginning, I’ve said Greyson is going to do anything and everything, just at his pace.  Well today, just 15 minutes ago, I learned he won’t be able to do EVERYTHING.  Greyson and his little brother are jumpers and climbers so automatically I thought “I’m putting these kids in gymnastics”.   I just needed to wait until they were the right age and until Greyson got a spinal x-ray to check for atlantoaxial instability, another damn diagnosis that children with Down syndrome can be diagnosed with.  Well I just got off the phone with his pediatrician and she said #1 just because his x-ray is fine THIS time, doesn’t mean he won’t develop atlantoaxial instability later and #2 that chin to chest tumbles and the like are off the table FOREVER.  I don’t know why, but this has made this mama very sad.  I’ve always envisioned taking my boys to gymnastics, something I did as a child (I remember the ugly navy leotard with the v shaped stripes.), and watching them learn more elaborate jumps and tumbles than what they attempt at home.  To know that there is something my son can’t do, isn’t allowed to do, is hard to accept.  This just emphasizes the Down syndrome diagnosis yet again.   It wouldn’t be so hard to accept if it wasn’t something I actually wanted for Greyson.  Now knowing it’s not an option, well it hurts.  Sure, my son can participate in other extracurricular activities like t-ball and therapeutic horseback riding, but, well, it’s just not the same.  When you get the Down syndrome diagnosis, you say to yourself “watch this world, my kid is going to do anything and everything your kid can do”, but now I know there really are limits on what he can do.  Maybe it’s not the gymnastics specifically that bothers me, maybe it’s just knowing there are things he will never be able/allowed to do.  Sure, I figured there would come a day when we learned Greyson was unable to do something, maybe riding a bike, maybe getting his driver’s license, but I wasn’t expecting the limits to come at three years old.

Anyone want to buy a brand new, in the box 7′ trampoline with enclosure? Whomp whomp 😦



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